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Special Needs Planning

Often planning for who will step in for parents if they are no longer able to care for young children is close to unthinkable. The need to name someone to fill this role never ends for children with special needs, no matter their age.

Margolis & Bloom works with parents of children with special needs to create structures to carry forward the care and care management they provide when they are no longer able to do so. This includes naming of guardians, creation of trusts, choosing trustees, and finding care providers and housing as necessary. These are only some of the tools we use. Each plan however must meet the needs of the children and the wishes of the parent.

Margolis & Bloom also works with older clients with disabilities to help them gain access to public services and to provide for management of funds they may have, whether from their jobs, from inheritance, or stemming from the settlement of a personal injury case.

Attorney Margolis is a co-founder of the Academy of Special Needs Planners, the largest association of special needs planners.